Gmail Tips

How to Block a Sender in Gmail

Currently, users can block a sender on Gmail directly by Block button. This is a new and very helpful feature of Gmail. To block a sender in Gmail, follow these simple steps below: Step 1: Log in to gmail account. Step 2: Open the message you received. Click the More (▾) button in the email’sRead More

How to Back Up All Emails in Your Gmail Account

How to backup email in Gmail account. How to backup Gmail and download the entire email to computer simplest. Backing up emails is very important in case you forgot, lose your Gmail password or in case you can not connect to the internet to watch, print email as needed. The trick below will help youRead More

How to Change the Display Name in Gmail

Changing Gmail’s name is to help showing Gmail message will be diffirent from the name you register in Gmail. There is some tip for you to change your account’s name. When you register Gmail, people often unconsciously named your Gmail like your showing name. Therefore, how to change account’s name in Gmail, let’s refer toRead More

How to Create a Gmail App on Computer

How to create a Gmail app on a computer. Creating the Gmail app will help you use Gmail more conveniently, separate from your web browser. With the Gmail app you can use a separate Gmail unrelated to a web browser. Request: Google Chrome web browser (Chrome Web browser only). Create a Gmail app on computerRead More

Gmail Recovery: Recover Gmail Password or Username

In case you forgot your gmail password or username, you can recover the password in the way below. Forgotten the password for my private Google (Gmail) account Visit Google’s Account Recovery page; Select the I don’t know my password option; Follow the instructions shown. Forgotten the username / email address for my private Google (Gmail)Read More

How to Delete Your Gmail Account

If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use your Gmail account, you can choose to remove your email address from your Google account. Deleting your Gmail address will delete your emails and all the messages in it but note that it won’t delete your entire Google Account.(and still keep your Google, YouTube, Google+Read More

How to Log Out of Gmail Account Remotely

Gmail is used very extensively with high security and provided free from Google. Especially users can register to use Gmail at anywhere they want. Therefore, if you do not log out of your Gmail account before leaving from a computer or other device carefully, the likely of losing information is very high. How To RemotelyRead More

Gmail Sign in – Login on iPhone (iOS)

Sign in to Gmail on your iPhone to use email, check out information, send and receive mail. Gmail for iOS availability may depend on which country you’re currently living for and requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Try adding your gmail account using built-in email app on iOS if your device is not compatible or notRead More

Gmail Sign Up – Create New Gmail Account

Gmail sign up is not difficult, just follow these steps – It’s free to create a Google Account. Gmail is a free email service which is very popular and is provided by the world’s leading Internet company, Google. Besides free, Gmail also has several other advantages below. 1. Simpler and Faster Although Google place adsRead More

How to Change Your Phone Number in Gmail

Changing your phone number in Gmail helps you enhance the security in process of using Google services. If you haven’t had a Gmail account, you can refer to our previous post to sign up gmail. If you have already own an account but you accidentally forget the password and haven’t promptly changed your phone number.Read More