How to Log Out of Gmail Account Remotely

Gmail is used very extensively with high security and provided free from Google. Especially users can register to use Gmail at anywhere they want. Therefore, if you do not log out of your Gmail account before leaving from a computer or other device carefully, the likely of losing information is very high.

How To Remotely Log Out Of Gmail From Any Devices

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account, scroll down till the bottom of Gmail window, click on the line Details.


Step 2: In the list that appears with all your active sessions with the most recent IP addresses, click on Show details to see more information about browser and computer used.

Step 3: After the test is completed, click on Sign out all other sessions to remotely log out of your Gmail account from that computer.

Wait a minute, you’ll see the notification “Successfully signed out all other sessions“. Besides, it also provides you operation to change your password soon afterwards if necessary just guided you how to log out of Gmail from remote devices, so you no longer worry about stolen personal information when you forget sign out Gmail before leaving the computer. Besides, you can easily block the sender on Gmail with new Block feature integrated recently.

Wish you use Gmail more professionally!